24th - 27th November, 2022




Have you ever wanted to achieve more in life?
Do you have an inner feeling that you have so much more to achieve?

Thrive Time is a one of a kind event that was custom designed to help people build an amazing launching pad or foundations for a far greater life, no matter what level you’re currently playing at.
I have studied the most renowned achievers on the planet over the last 1000-2000 years from the greatest athletes, philosophers, scientists, social influencers and leaders to find the commonalities as to what makes them Thrive and also what has been their downfalls, emotional breakdowns and glass ceilings.
Thrive Time will not only help you build your own success map for life but help you learn, understand and implement some of the hidden success patterns of the greats. Thrive Time will also help you break self sabotage patterns, procrastination patterns and self destructive behaviours that prevent you from achieving the results, success and fulfilment you want and know you're capable of achieving in life.
So if you're wanting to achieve more in life and perform better in every area of your personal and professional life, then Thrive Time will build one of the greatest launching pads for your next level of growth and beyond.
“It’s your time to thrive”

And that’s why I created the Thrive Time 6 Steps to Peak Performance

STEP ONE: Get clear on what you really drives you

  • Discover what thousands of high achievers know about self-limiting beliefs
  • Revealed: How to use your drivers to push yourself to greater levels
  • Gain crystal clear clarity on what your personal value system is and how you can use it to your advantage

Step Two: Create a comprehensive map for your future

  • Learn how to create your personal success map and identify your goals
  • ​Discover a quick and easy way to achieve ANY goal you set for yourself
  • ​The real secret to personal success and happiness - almost everyone gets this wrong!

Step Three: Smash Self-sabotage Patterns

  • Finally! You’ll know why you’re frustrated and going round in circles and how to eliminate your self sabotaging patterns FOR GOOD!
  • ​The quick and easy way to let go of self-limiting beliefs (**WARNING: You may never operate the same way again...**)
  • ​Learn the sneaky little trick to creating a balanced mindset primed for success

Step Four: Tools To Master Your Mental Performance 

  • Exclusive access to the WORLD’s most powerful mindset tools (what every high performing person knows about kicking ass)
  • ​Learn how to smash through your personal glass ceiling and level up
  • ​Discover the way to peak mental performance - it works so well you’ll swear it must be magic!

Step Five: Build Powerful and Unbreakable Habits

  • Learn the secret to creating powerful, productive habits (that you will actually stick with!)
  • ​Revealed: How to make solid progression towards any goal you set yourself
  • ​Discover why some people succeed in life while others fail to ever achieve their potential

Step Six: Stay Super Accountable To Your Goals

  • Yes, it’s time to transform yourself into an ass kicking, goal ticking machine!
  • Discover how to keep working towards your goals even when it seems like the whole world is trying to make you fail
  • ​Learn the true value of commitment and seeing your goals through to completion, even when you’re ready to just throw in the towel and give up


DATES: 4 Day Event
24th - 27th November 2022

TIME: 10AM Adelaide Time until late (Daily)


YOU have the power to make it happen

What is Thrive Time and How Is it Different?

Thrive Time is like no other personal or professional development event.

Thrive Time is designed to give you the personal breakthrough that you need to overcome your ‘stuff’ and start creating a life that energises you.
Over 4 days I will walk you through each segment of my 6 Steps to Peak Performance.

During this intensive online event, you will discover more about yourself and how you approach life then perhaps you ever have up until now.
You will learn how to immobilize your self destructive behaviours, patterns and thoughts so that you can perform at your peak each day and consistently work towards building an epic life.
To find out if Thrive Time is the right event for you:

At Thrive Time You Will Gain:

  • Unbreakable drive - you won’t even know what procrastination is anymore
  • Focus and clarity - know where you’re going and how you’ll get there
  • Self-accountability - it’s time to own your sh*t, no more excuses!
  • Purposeful Productivity - it’s no use being busy if you’re getting nothing done
  • Certainty of actions - banish shiny object syndrome
  • Internal control creation - no more acting out of emotions that don’t serve you
  • The ability to limit external distractions - there’s no such thing as multitasking!
  • The ability to immobilize self destructive thoughts, behaviours and actions
  • PLUS: all of the tools you’ll ever need to stay on course with your goals even when the world is in chaos all around you!

You Will Get:

  • 190 Page Action Manual to keep you on track and accountable no matter what stage of your growth
  • Connect with networks of highly driven people
  • Advanced mindset tools for focus, productivity, drive, self accountability and more
  • The world's most advanced emotional balancing tools, the process of potential only available at this event.
  • Exclusive access to Michael Johnson – The Mojo Master exclusive mindset coach to some of the country’s top CEO’S, Entrepreneurs and teams.


Michael is better known by his alias Michael Mojo™ and was given the name after overcoming learning difficulties, depression, chronic fatigue and being told he would get nowhere in life to becoming an energetic and inspired, motivation powerhouse.


Michael Johnson is a leading authority on human behaviour, human empowerment and increasing human performance; frequently hired by business leaders, teams, entrepreneurs and professional athletes who want to achieve more.


Michael has been featured and interviewed on radio, magazines and newspapers across the country and internationally. He has shared the stage with many of the world’s greatest inspirational educators and business leaders including Dr John Demartini, Dr Joe Dispenza, Dr Dave Logan, Dan Millman, Bradley Smith (founder of Braaap motorcycles) and Nik Halik (The Thrillionaire).

Here's what others have said about Michael

How would you like your life to look from now on?

You have the power within you to create massive change in your life.

Are you ready to take ownership of it?

With my help, and this system and tools, you will be able to dramatically change your life if you so choose to do so.

But it’s up to you to take control. I can give you all of the tools, but you still need to do the work and implement.

This isn't a "quick fix" magic pill that you take once, and fix everything in your past, present and future in an instant.

But you will see a change IMMEDIATELY after Thrive Time.

How you experience day to day life will never be the same.

And if you don't think it was worth it, I'll refund your money.

Remember though, personal growth takes work, dedication and time.

Change and transformation is within your reach.

And it starts with Thrive Time.

Are you ready to thrive? 

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