Create a wealthy mind to master your money
The no B.S WEALTH EVENT for those who are sick of struggling and know there is more to life than worrying about money
Discover easy to implement tools to get ahead financially

LEARN the weekly practices of those who CREATE FINANCIAL ABUNDANCE and live a fun life. 

Empower yourself!

Learn from someone who struggled week to week and used easy to implement tools to get ahead financially
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  •  Discover the common practices that keep most people living week to week
  •  Learn how listening to those around you may be causing you to struggle
  •  Discover the step by step weekly practices, that if implemented will create empowering wealth patterns
  •  Learn how to stop self sabotaging your goals and dreams
  •  Find out the most common fears that cause most to make bad financial decisions
  • Learn the common mistakes I used to make, that kept me stuck and living week to week so that you stop yourself from doing the same and the powerful learnings that allowed me to break free
  •  Learn the practices of self made millionaires that most people choose not to talk about.
  • Mingle with like minded people
  •  Discover the 6 step fundamentals that are a must to reduce financial strain in your future
  •  Learn simple steps you can implement straight away
  •  Learn the most up to date information in personal development (backed by science, that is practical and not just fluff or hype!)
"Thanks for a fantastic day today!  It's great to finally have good steps to take and useful tools to use to create a better life and the way you delivered the information was so honest and raw, really refreshing. Definitely found out a lot about myself. Thanks again!" 

-Dominika , Brisbane


10am-5pm (Registration from 9.15am)

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TICKET SALES END 2nd February 2018 @ 8.00pm UNLESS SOLD OUT
    Michael Johnson is a leading authority on human behaviour, human empowerment and increasing human performance; frequently hired by business leaders, teams, entrepreneurs and professional athletes who want to achieve more. 
    He has an unrivalled ability to transform complex information into easily digestible knowledge that can be applied immediately to produce measurable and lasting results.

    Michael is better known by his alias “The Mojo Master” and was given the name after overcoming learning difficulties, depression, chronic fatigue and being told he would get nowhere in life. Now he's an energetic and inspired, motivation powerhouse.

    Michael is the CEO of The Mojo Master and The Academy of Mind and Motivation.  
    Michael has been featured and interviewed on radio, magazines and newspapers across the country and had his podcast “The Mojo Master Podcast” hit number 1 on Itunes in the area of self-help. He has shared the stage with many of the world’s greatest inspirational educators and business leaders including Dr John Demartini, Dr Joe Dispenza, Dr Dave Logan, Dan Millman, Bradley Smith (founder of Braaap motorcycles) and Nik Halik (The Thrillionaire), just to name a few.

    Michael travels frequently across the country and the world sharing his knowledge and teaching ways to empower and inspire individuals and organisations through his speaking or live public events. His passion and love is studying human behaviour and what creates success and lasting fulfilment in life, hence reflected in his catch phrase “It’s your time to thrive”.

    You only need to speak to Michael’s client’s or audiences to understand how powerful his tools and information are.
    Brendon Burchard
    (Founder of Experts Academy)
    Richard Branson
    (Billionaire & Founder of Virgin Group)
    Danny Green
    (World Boxing Champion)
    Arnold Schwarzenegger
    (7x Mr Olympia, Actor and former Governor of California)
    Worked with...
    Frequently Asked Questions
    How is this different from other motivation or personal development events?
    Great Question.

    Many other motivation or person development type events repeat old information that is copied and passed on making most of them very similar and outdated. We pride ourselves on consistently improving our events and the information offered, to bring the latest tools and techniques that work to create rapid transformation. We are always updating our understanding from leaders in the fields of neuroscience, neurobiology, quantum theory, metaphysics, practical psychology, human behaviour and much more to consistently improve our methods and also create even faster results.
    Is this a multi speaker event with lots of hard selling?

    We hate hard selling and find it irritating when speakers fly in, spend only 45 minutes with their audience and just give them a taste of what they offer, then hard sell them into an overpriced course. We stand by our results and understand your time is valuable. This is why Michael will spend a whole day taking you through step-by-step processes to create rapid changes in your mindset and emotions. No hard sells, only 1 speaker and lots of great tools for your success and happiness.
    Does this have anything to do with Multi-Level Marketing or pyramid type sales?
    Not at all.

    Although Michael has been hired to speak for some of the top multi level marketing teams in Australia and also has had their leaders attend his events, he is not part of any in particular. He is just passionate about helping people from all walks of life to achieve their potential and focus on creating the life they want by finding their purpose, their highest values and aligning their thoughts, emotions and actions with their goals.
    What types of people attend your events?
    This is another great question

    The tools shown in this event are easy to understand and simple to implement for people from all levels of education, backgrounds, diversities including Mums and Dads, couples, singles through to world champion athletes and multi-millionaire business leaders etc. The only prerequisite for the event is that you are ready to take charge of your life and take your success, happiness and fulfilment to the next level.
    Do I need to know anything about wealth creation, business, investing, mindset, neuroscience  psychology etc. to attend?
    Absolutely not.

    Michael will teach you powerful tools that will build upon what you already know, no matter what level of study or education you have. Using a combination of many great modalities, you will be shown practical ways to create changes that you will be able to use to create powerful goals and a clear vision of what you want in life. You will also be shown tools to control and align your mindset, emotions and actions so that you can achieve more of what you want in life faster than ever and with greater ease.

    This event is not a theory based event but an event that gives you tools you can implement with real life scenarios so you know they work for anyone with any background.
    Note: In order to receive ticket inclusions you must attend the event. Tickets are non-refundable. Once tickets are purchased, event materials and venue requirements are allocated therefore no refunds are issued for no shows or inability to attend after tickets are purchased. However Mojo Master staff may allow you to transfer your ticket to another guest, subject to approval.
    general admission TICKETS
    TICKET SALES END 2nd February 2018 @ 8.00pm UNLESS SOLD OUT
      Tickets are non-refundable. Once tickets are purchased, event materials and venue requirements are allocated therefore no refunds are issued for no shows or inability to attend after tickets are purchased. However Mojo Master staff may allow you to transfer your ticket to another guest, subject to approval.
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