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How Flick The Confidence Switch can help you
What you can achieve with this program
  •  Increase self confidence and self worth
  •  Create more self belief
  •  Decrease negative self talk
  •  Learn the top 5 common reasons why people remain unconfident
  •  Simple, effective and easy to use
  •  Reduce self sabotage
  •  Feel great about yourself
  •  Worry less about what others think
  •  Feel happy in your own skin
  •  Increase positivity and happiness
  •  Feel confident taking on new challenges

Boost your Confidence - It's your time to thrive!

Flick the Confidence Switch is a proven program to help
rapidly increase your confidence, self belief  and self esteem.

Your confidence can easily be increased with the use of
simple and easy to implement tools that focus on creating
strong and powerful inner self talk and beliefs, all of which
are contained in this empowering program.

Imagine what you could do with more confidence, self belief
and empowering self talk.

"It's your time to thrive"

Join the thousands of people 
who have increased their
confidence with Flick the Confidence Switch.

People who have transformed their lives with Flick
 the Confidence Switch
"I had lost sight of who I was and I couldn't bare to look at my reflection in the mirror, I felt ugly both inside and out. I had sought assistance from numerous professionals who couldn't pin point the cause nor offer me any assistance apart from anti-depressants. Now I’m more positive and confident and feel great about where I am headed."

- Emily Cartlidge, SA
"Flick the Confidence Switch should be in every school library. I have listened to it on my way to work every morning for the last two weeks. I think I am on my third time around. It sets me up for a cracker of a day, every time. It made me realise even more how hard we are on ourselves and how simple it is not to be. Take a bow mate! Amazing!"

- Graham Johnston, NSW
"I got my Australian inspiration! Priceless information and quick action tips to turn around or add another level to your confidence."
Noahj Champion New York USA
"I just wanted to thank you so much for my copy of "Flick the Confidence Switch". The content is absolutely amazing and I am so excited to start implementing it. You are an amazing person and your work is seriously mind blowing. I honestly can not thank you enough. I can only hope that I can return the favour and help you like you have helped me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much."

- Adam Goodwin, Cairns QLD
"I love Flick the Confidence Switch. Your voice makes me feel so happy as you have so much energy and such a passion for helping others and that clearly comes through when listening to Flick the Confidence Switch. It's such a powerful tool. I'm loving it."

- Jenni Reiffel , Owner Adelaide Mummy Meetings Support Network, and Author of Invisible Strength
"Your audio's are brilliant. They are all I have been listening to in the car the last month. I love that you are your own personality and not stale like a lot of audios I hear. I love that you are constantly using real life scenarios and stories when getting your information across as I find I relate to your real life examples. I love the enthusiasm you have in your voice throughout the entire program which demonstrates your pure passion for what you are doing. It is so uplifting."

- Nadia Krolokowski, Real Estate Agent, SA
"Michael has a way of really connecting with people and helping them to look within to unlock the key to their potential.

He helped me to gain the confidence and self belief to discover my passion and make my dreams come true. With my new found self belief I had the confidence to start my first business. I highly recommend The Mojo Master. He changed my life!"

-Kimberlee Clarke, Owner - Kim's Whole Food Kitchen
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